We love to hear from our students and parents so here is a selection of some of the fantastic feedback we have received.

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Isobel Chadwick

SMS Alumni


Isobel tells us why her time at SMS was important to her.

Isobel was a member of SMS for three years before entering the Royal Marines Band Service. She was a valued and active participant at Music School on her clarinet and saxophone, and as a vocalist.

The Ismays



Huge thank you for all you have done at Music School during this challenging year.  We are so grateful that Thomas has been able to continue Music School – it has become a very significant and valued part of his musical learning and enjoyment


We continue to fully support the SMS - the tutors work tirelessly to maximise the potential of the pupils and while doing so, make music fun too. The music produced at the concerts is exceptional, where the children are able to showcase their talent and ability to a high standard.

Mr. Olubowale



Our son has thoroughly enjoyed Sheffield Music School. It’s given him a chance to play in an orchestra, perform in concerts and build his confidence. 


SMS also provides a wonderful medium for children to learn about Music Theory in a fun and engaging way. His musical skills have developed a lot since, and he’s also made some new friends. 

Mrs. Dawson



Chris' enthusiasm is infectious and our child responds in a very positive manner.


He has a natural way of engaging my son who at the end of the hour lesson always says it went quickly! We cannot thank Chris and the team enough for a friendly, professional, dedicated approach to teaching.