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Updated: May 5, 2019

Join us in celebrating the success of our students in their recent exams

congratulations to...

Isabel: Grade 3 Piano, distinction

Grace: Grade 3 piano, pass

Maddison: Grade 4 violin, merit

Jacob: Grade 4 Flute, distinction

Charlotte: Grade 4 viola merit

Maddison: Grade 4 violin merit

Olivia: Grade 5 violin merit

Benjamin: Grade 5 jazz piano, distinction

Olivia S: Grade 5 violin, merit

Olivia S: Grade 5 theory, distinction

Mia: Grade 5 theory, distinction

Rowan: Grade 5 cello, distinction

Benjamin: Grade 6 jazz sax, distinction

Naomi: Grade 7 cello, merit

Naomi: Grade 7 piano, merit

Abigail: Grade 7 cello merit

Kate: Grade 8 Clarinet, distinction

Ellie: Grade 8 piano, merit

Joe: Grade 8 piano, pass

Joe: Grade 8 trumpet, merit

Duncan: Grade 8 piano distinction

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