From exploring songwriting, to working with bands to organise for gigs and studio time, we tailor each programme to our individual students.

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How we can help


We have been working with students to support their musical futures. We have a huge database of local and national contacts who we call upon to work with young people with a passion for music.


Led by our director Lucy, the programme is designed to give every student and parent/carer the support they need to feel confident in their journeys. We are open to discussing our programme with any young person and there is no formal eligibility criteria, however there are limited spaces for this scheme and a waiting period may be required.


Guest Mentors

We have a network of guest mentors to suit our students' needs, whether you want industry support with your band, or if a future in composition is for you.



Donations directly support our mentoring programme helping young people towards a career in music. Working with our associates and team of staff, students are supported in whatever area of the music industry they wish to pursue.