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Whether you play, write or simply enjoy music we welcome you. Join our classes, talks or workshops designed for our adult community.



Our adult string ensembles meet to make music in small groups to play varied repertoire and enjoy top quality coaching from our staff. The groups are for players looking to develop their chamber ensemble skills.


Currently we have string groups ranging from beginner to advanced, and the music is arranged and tailor-made for the players involved.


The ensembles work with each other in an encouraging environment where they are placed with like-minded individuals for a safe space to share ideas.


Online talks


We have regular speakers from members of highly regarded professional ensembles, folk musicians, pop producers and more. All are welcome to our listening clubs and talks.

A massive thanks to the team at SMS for all of their hard work. 
I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in multiple online events, including the creation of a performance video, Q&As with musicians, and a Listening Club where I’ve been introduced to some fantastic people. 
It’s been awesome as a way of keeping me engaged with learning to play my instrument, and offered a very real human connection to a community during a period that has meant we’ve had to keep ourselves apart. I’ve been incredibly grateful to have the Music School events in my calendar as things to look forward to. Through the different events I’ve attended, I’ve also found new music and genres that I might not have stumbled upon myself. 
All of the organisers and musicians involved in the events have been incredibly patient and kind, and their dedication has absolutely translated through to all of the events that I’ve attended. 
I’ll be looking forward to the next one!


Sarah – Cellist in Adult String Quartet