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Sheffield Music School seeks to provide first class musical tuition and a wide range of opportunities to talented young musicians from Sheffield and the surrounding area within the context of a lively and creative atmosphere. As all students are of similar standard it is a unique chance for them to explore their talents with others who share their enthusiasm for classical music. The Music School is split into Junior and Senior sections, and operates on Saturday mornings during term-time.

TopJunior Music School

"I have improved playing louder and louder!"  Dominic Heyes, trombone

"Junior Music School has helped me learn a lot of theory."  Georgina Boot, flute

"My sight-reading has improved this term"  Harry Birch, violin

"I have improved my playing by playing more musically, but I enjoy playing the games the most!"  Daiwei Lang, violin


At Junior Music School we strive to create a positive, exciting, and dynamic environment in which children are free to explore and develop their musical skills. We aim to nurture each individual child’s wider musical needs through themed projects, games, listening diaries, singing, composition, performance opportunities and high quality chamber music. The small group size means that the three specialist members of staff are able to tailor the sessions around the specific needs of the group. We like to work in conjunction with the students, parents and instrumental teachers to get this right. Any child who is roughly grade 1-5, with a thirst for music and who wants to meet like-minded people is welcome to come along from 9:00 to 10:45. Go to our Gallery to see some photos of rehersals.

Once a student has reached a proficient standard on their instrument they are invited to be part of the Intermediate Scheme. This allows the student to stay for the whole morning and take part in a senior chamber ensemble and senior performance class. This is a fabulous opportunity to learn some challenging repertoire whilst getting to know the older members of the Senior Music School.


What things would you like to do more of on a Saturday morning?
"Nothing, it's perfect!"  Alex McDermott Reid, cello.

TopSenior Music School

Senior Music School is for young musicians playing at Grade 5 and above. Their morning starts with the whole school singing together in the choir. This is followed by a range of general musicianship classes for smaller groups, including aural training, madrigal and barber's shop singing, music theory, composition, improvisation, and music history. The choice of class each term is up to the individual pupil, and is often determined by what they are doing in the rest of their musical lives. Requests for different classes can usually be accommodated by one of our multi-talented staff.

The second half of the morning is purely practical, primarily with students working in small ensembles coached by a member of staff. This is followed by a solo performance class where pupils perform their chosen piece to the whole school, and feedback is invited from their peers and staff members.


Workshops are usually held once a term where outside musicians visit Music School for the morning. These workshops can be very varied, and provide wonderful inspiration for all the students outside of the normal curriculum.

In the past Music School has had workshops with the Lindsays (only a few months before they retired), Hugh Davies (composer/sound sculptor in conjunction with a sound art exhibition at the Millenium Galleries), Peter Hill, Mohammad Azedehfar and a group of Iranian musicians, Dr.Stephanie Pitts (talking about options for school leavers wishing to pursue music), Matthew Barley and 'Between the Notes', Robin Ireland (viola), Janet Hilton (clarinet), Rachel Barnes (recorder), Helen Wenham (Dalcroze), and also several members of Music in the Round's Ensemble 360.

For more details of workshops in the future look in our diary.

TopMusic School Success

Autumn 2018

Isabel Chadwick: Grade 5 Singing, Distinction

Isabel Chadwick: Grade 5 Bari Sax, Distinction

Kate Thickett: Grade 8 Tenor Sax, Distinction

Ellie Billingham: Grade 8 Alto Sax, Distinction

Spring 2018

Olivia: Grade 2 Piano, Distinction

Mia: Grade 2 Piano, Merit

Isabel: Grade 2 Piano, Distinction

Charlotte: Grade 2 Viola, Distinction


Jacob Mortimore: Grade 3 Flute, Distinction

Olivia (Sh): Grade 3 Clarinet, Distinction

Jamie: Grade 3 Guitar, Merit


Olivia: Grade 4 Violin, Merit

Thomas: Grade 4 Violin, Merit

Rowan: Grade 4 Cello, Merit

Lydia: Grade 4 Piano, Pass


Mila: Grade 5 Cello, Distinction

Alice: Grade 5 Theory, Pass

Jessica: Grade 5 Theory, Pass

Daniel: Grade 5 Theory, Distinction

Ariana: Grade 5 Theory, Merit

Harriet: Grade 5 Theory, Distinction

Isabel: Grade 5 Theory, Pass

Hannah: Grade 5 Theory, Pass

Hugo: Grade 5 Saxophone, Merit

Hugo: Grade 5 Theory, Merit

Lydia: Grade 5 Oboe, Merit


Naomi: Grade 6 Cello, Distinction

Isabel: Grade 6 Clarinet, Merit

Anna: Grade 6 Clarinet, Distinction


Lucy: Grade 7 Clarinet, Distinction

Hugo: Grade 7 Piano, Distinction

Kate: Grade 7 Clarinet, Distinction

Joseph: Grade 7 Piano, Distinction


Timothy: Grade 8 French Horn, Pass

Elizabeth: Grade 8 Violin, Distinction

Stephen: Grade 8 Violin, Distinction

Kate W: Grade 8 Theory Pass

Kate T: Grade 8 Theory Pass

Jack: Grade 8 Piano, Pass (After 3 years of playing the piano!)



Take a look at what people have to say about Sheffield Music School:


"This is a belated thanks for your wonderful chamber music at the Winter Gardens last week. I thought all of the performances added so much to the evening and I have had many compliments from the 'great and the good'. The quintet was very special and the duets charmed us during dinner. In short people loved it!"

  Mary Heyler
  Music Strategy Adviser & Head of Music Service


"Sheffield Music School unites talent and enthusiasm in a friendly, supportive manner. Inspiring each other to make music, children realise their potential in creative partnerships. For Ruby, Saturday mornings were full of joy, and Sheffield Music School has been a key stage in her musical development."

  Stephen and Ursula Bowler, parents of Ruby


"I was delighted to be a member of Sheffield Music School. The enthusiasm of the teachers and members allowed me to develop both my musical skills and ensemble training. I’m glad to have had this opportunity and would thoroughly recommend joining to any musicians."

  Zoe Utley, former student


"I loved music school, I had a great time getting to know other musicians as well as learning lots about music and having the opportunity to perform. Thank you to all the lovely staff who made music school so such a great experience!"

  Martha Cooper, former student


"We write as enthusiastic, and proud, parents of a young female clarinettist in her third year of the music school run by the inestimable Zoe and her team. We could go on (and on) about the fab music school: the teachers' care for beginners through experts, the children's ambition and positive energy, a Saturday morning intellectual challenge in a fun environment, learning to play and achieve together and, of course, the concerts at which the students demonstrate the school's exceptional musical standards and achievements. Most of all our daughter has made great friends at the music school and the confidence, musical understanding, and ability it has given her has opened up opportunities elsewhere in school bands and drama clubs. Thanks Zoe and the team."

  Simon Middleton and Carolyn Wade, parents of Betsy


"My daughter has been more than happy each Saturday morning to get up early, again, and travel into Sheffield - all to make music for 3 1/2 hours. She enjoys the opportunities that the Music School gives her, whether playing musical games in the Junior Section, working on her repertoire, being inspired by the older students or practising performance technique."

"I think Sheffield Music School gives musical children a wonderful opportunity to explore their talent and make music with like-minded youngsters."


"This has been a fantastic opportunity for my daughter to immerse herself in a stimulating range of musical experiences, from performing individually and in groups, to training in theory, aural musicianship and composition - all in a fun, supportive environment."



"Sheffield Music School has given my daughter courage to explore a wide range of musical styles as well as confidence to perform in front of others."



"I wish there was something like this for adults!"



"Helpfully fitting into a Saturday morning, the Sheffield Music School offers an incredible range of musical activities which don't take up a whole day."



"Just a very short note to say a big thank you for Saturday. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and fantastic evening. The standard was, yet again, truly amazing – congratulations!"

"Isabel was nervous before the concert but felt a real ‘buzz’ afterwards. I think she has been inspired by the older ones and would love to be like them!"

  Rachel, Robert and Isabel Nelson


"I know Tamsin's already dropped you a line, but I wanted to say what a fantastic concert it was and what a wonderful job you and your colleagues do in developing the musical ability and confidence of your pupils. I expected the instrumental stuff to be of a very high standard but the quality of the choral pieces did take me by surprise - it's so impressive to see young people singing proper choral music so well and with such obvious enjoyment."

  Mike Cassels

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